Sunday, 4 November 2012

Unit 2: Influence Maps

In these influence maps I did one on my characters influences, Heroes object and some Indonesian furniture
1.(character influences) I looked into heroes with feral type of powers and searched into their origin of gaining them and some were just born with it or had a type of experience that gave it to them and some don't even have powers!
 2.(Heroes object) I wanted my heroes object to be his mask and represented to a tiger as that's the type of powers he's going to have but the mask will be made out of faux fur otherwise it goes against his whole being the defender of the wildlife thing.
 3.(Indonesian furniture/architecture) I looked into some of the furniture and architecture Indonesians created and use in their buildings to get a rough idea of what kind of furniture my hero will have but I'm still not too sure yet on what is going to go in his lair exactly because I don't want it to seem too normal.

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  1. Hey George, I'm looking forward to seeing how the wild feel to your environment develops into your thumbnails as you progress. Also the tiger mask is a great idea as a hero prop, you could look into the props for the lion king theatre performance if you wanted some more ideas towards the hero prop. Great stuff :)