Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Project One: Cinematic spaces - Influence Maps

I created some influence maps to show off some initial ideas and to give me more ideas on the designs I want my environments to be. In number two the two films that were created from the book one from 1963 and the other 1999 they were a big help watching as it was good to see how others saw the environments of the book. In the other influence maps examples of objects, interior and exterior that I found can picture in my environment as they have a Victorian look to them. in most images they're too bright but I imagine my environment to be darker which is why I will figure out my colour schemes once I have designed some thumbnails. 


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Project One: Cinematic spaces

The extract of a book that I was given for my first project was Shirley Jackson's book 'The Haunting of Hill House.' To start off I thought the best thing to do would be to read my extract and highlight keywords that would describe parts of environments and objects or words that would help me find out the type of style and decorations  the house would have which proved to be very helpful it led me to believe that the house was built furnished in the Victorian times. I then went into doing more research on the author and watching the film that they had released called 'The haunting' released in 1963 which I will go into more detail in a new post once I have typed up my notes.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Final Designs: Life Form, Structure and Machine


 For my life form I liked my idea of a humanoid arachnid which had more human anatomy from head to waist and then Spider form from bottom downwards but still had features of a deadly venomous spider and sharp claws and incredible strength to rip off the flesh of its prey.


 For my structure I pictured this concept to be some type of Watch tower that could be used in a fantasy based world, from what I pictured I imagined it would belong to a race such as Ogres or Orcs which they would use to hold facilities such as weapons and armour or to safe keep objects.


 For my machine I used a base from my silhouette to create this in the planning phase and found this to be my most Favorited machine as it didn't seem to come out symmetrical like the others and I felt it had more character for the fact it was missing an arm which gave me the idea that it's a vicious machine was programmed to kill but got its arm caught during a chase and cut it off with its own claw just to get its target which shows it will damage its own functions just to get a job done.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Life Drawing

When I was living at home Instead of University I travelled all the way from Essex to Bethnal Green every Thursday so that I could enjoy a night lesson of Life drawing which I find very useful to do as it helps get more comfortable with my pencil strokes and work on my anatomy and shading more. From this I can tell I've improved a lot since a year has passed but there is so much more to learn and improve on.

Summer Project: More Concepts

I finally managed to get my scanner to work on my Laptop so I managed to scan the A4 pieces but the first couple of images I had to use my digital camera again as the paper is too big as it's A1, the concepts that you will be seeing are ones that I created from all the silhouettes that I created in my previous posts.
I've also started to draw out my finals on my A2 pieces of paper which I will post all three soon once they have all been completed.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Summer Project: Silhouettes

Created more silhouettes which I'm finding very useful I'm coming up with concepts that I would never have thought up before it just lets your imagination run wild and thinks up multiple ideas of what will feel these black images. I can't wait to finish these tomorrow so I can start to pick my most Favorited three and start the final drawings.