Thursday, 30 October 2014

Environment Thumbnails

By using the same technique that I used to create creatures, I used it to help me design environments.

Looking at the paintings I found a few interesting designs that would work as tress or a whole environment.

 I then took thumbnails fifteen, sixteen and twenty one and mixed them together and drew them on top of thumbnail ten, to create a type of forest environment with the colour temple.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Minor Project Pitch


Taking one of the creature thumbnail drawings I took it into Photoshop to show how it would be seen in the world, where it would be found and how it would function.


Using the Paintings I did I looked into them and tried to find creatures in the painting, here are designs that i created with that process

Friday, 17 October 2014

Thumbnail paintings

I've been looking at an artist named Joan Miro, who was well known for his surrealist paintings with great style. his work helped inspire other artists which lead to the work of the Fauvists.
examples of Joan Miro's work:

Catalan Landscape, 1924 by Joan MiroHarlequin's Carnival, 1924-25, by Joan Miro

With this art style I took inspiration to create my own pieces and see what I could see in the painting to help design my creatures that are fought in the world of the game.

I really enjoyed the one below it felt I was going towards the right direction of finding my style and the creatures that could be seen in the world.
I went into to photoshop to create some other pieces: