Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Character Design (19/11/2013)

In lesson we learnt about drawing/creating an environment that a character would live in, as it needs to feel like both the character and the environment are from the same world. A task was then given where I was told a random theme which was a Gothic science lab and with those words I then had to create an Environment.

Character Design: silhouettes and Thumbnails

Here are a few silhouettes I created from nuts and bolts for the side kick, I've been struggling to think of a design for my sidekick as he's created by the hero so is all made up of gears and other types of metal and I don't feel experienced enough for mechanical characters but it's a challenge I'm willing to accept and try to accomplish. I like the shape and form of number 3 so I will soon take it further and add some detail.
 Testing out poses and clothing for my villain but they seem a bit too heroic and the clothes seem to symmetrical, so i need to work on making it's more sharp and pointy using triangle shapes to give off a sense of danger. The same thing also goes for the face it's still a bit too curved and needs to be more of a point, but other then that it's starting to come along nicly.

Character Design (12/11/2013)

In this lesson I had learned about using silhouettes on how they are a good way to make sure the pose is strong and understandable, I was given a random theme which was superhero and the task was to draw silhouettes of different types of hero's and see if people could tell what type of super hero it was. 
I was also taught how characters have something designed in them to be memorable even if its drawn in a different style, another task was given to me to take that memorable part and put it onto another character, so I used the character Aang from The Avatar: The Last Airbender and took his arrow tattoos and put them onto my designed hero to see how he would look.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Final Animatic

The Final Animatic that me and my group partner Alex created, I did the draws while Alex edited it all together. there are still a few things that need changing such as the the small animations that appear when Dorothy is Talking which will be done in the final.

Environment Modelling

Modeled Objects to go into the environment there's still a few things needed to be done but once it's all done it can finally all be put into the room.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Character Design: Facial Expressions

A few quick facial expressions of my Hero, I'm still not 100% sure what he's going to look like but I did a few drawings in the top row changing a few of the facial features, I really liked the look of number 4 so I tried to take it further with different expressions.

Character Design (5/11/2013)

In class I learnt that the pose is key to the character when doing a single drawing as it needs to capture the characters personality, so for practice I was given the task to draw very quick poses of my class mates to try and capture the emotion being expressed. Close to the end of class I was shown facial expressions and how specific lines help to show the emotion of the character so as practice I drew a few expressions.

Character Design: Body Shapes

Working on the body shape for each of my characters.
Side Kick:
With the side kick I'm still not too sure on the shape I know I want it to be spherical like but it seems too plain, maybe if I added the mechanics and detail, it might look more interesting but for now it seems basic.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Technical Difficulties with Maya

Hey has anyone ever come across this problem before? It does it every time I open Maya before I've even opened a file. I've tried re-installing and repairing Maya but nothing seems to be doing the trick.