Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Character Design: silhouettes and Thumbnails

Here are a few silhouettes I created from nuts and bolts for the side kick, I've been struggling to think of a design for my sidekick as he's created by the hero so is all made up of gears and other types of metal and I don't feel experienced enough for mechanical characters but it's a challenge I'm willing to accept and try to accomplish. I like the shape and form of number 3 so I will soon take it further and add some detail.
 Testing out poses and clothing for my villain but they seem a bit too heroic and the clothes seem to symmetrical, so i need to work on making it's more sharp and pointy using triangle shapes to give off a sense of danger. The same thing also goes for the face it's still a bit too curved and needs to be more of a point, but other then that it's starting to come along nicly.


  1. I really like number three for the side kick character aswell I can't wait to see how you develop it. :)