Monday, 9 March 2015

Life Drawing

Been a while, Here is a post of all the life drawing I've done over the start of third year.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Game Title and Possible Font

After a great chat with Phil in tutorial on Monday, A name for the game has finally come, ACHROMICA! It feels nice to say out loud and to finally have a title feels great after trying so hard to think of something I'm pleased with it's name :)

I'm liking number one most out of the three, with the blotches behind the font, the text was made black and white for the fact the world loses its colour and pretty much goes colourless/ black and white, so I felt it should be kept that way. 

Character Thumbnails

By looking at a bunch of different fauvist artists, I took certain features they had and designed a few faces.
Trying to find a body type and style, I wasn't too sure on which one to choose so I picked one, four, five and seven to see how they would look with the characters four, six and nine's heads on them.
I feel I'm stuck between one, two and three. To make it chibi and cute or more proportionate?