Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Lady and Cat Style and Colour tests

Tried using basic shapes to create the characters.

 I wasn't too sure on if I wanted the lady to be elderly or more middle aged crazy hair, but by drawing it out I feel that I would prefer her to be more middle aged and standing instead of hunchbacked.
My eye seems to go towards one and two in terms of colour for the dress and number eleven for the hair. 
Maybe she should have flowers or some kind of pattern on her dress, or a cats head? I'm not too sure, what do you think?

Monday, 27 January 2014

Adaptation A: Rough Storyboard

These will be the 10 steps buy a cat counts as 1 and 10 to show that it's a loop
Some panels haven't been finished yet like the 'Play' part I'm struggling a little on what to draw for it I may have to end up changing that one, Also me being the silly person I am I accidentally saved over one file so will update that as soon as possible, sorry.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Mudbox Practice

First lesson of Mudbox,I was taught the basic tools of sculpting onto an object, and how to sculpt in textures and paint straight onto the model.
 (Maybe one day senpai will notice Satan-san)

Adaptation (Main Project): Initial Ideas

Before my tutorial I did research on mythological creatures as I know that I'd like to do something character based. I looked at different cultures and mythical characters that they had, these are result of characters that I found interesting to adapt to:
Isis- one of the most prominent goddesses in Ancient Egyptian Mythology. She is said to be the patron of nature and magic, a friend of slaves, sinners, artisans and wealthy alike, and is also revered as the "ideal" mother and wife
Represented as a goddess wearing a headdress, representing a throne.She was also frequently depicted as a human queen wearing the vulture headdress with a royal serpent on the brow. In these two forms she occasionally carried a lotus bud or the Glyph of the sycamore tree.
Isis was also depicted as a winged goddess or a kite. In this form her wings spread a heavenly scent across the land and brought fresh air into the underworld.
Bakeneko- Secifically, bakeneko are able to take human shape, or near-human shape, some bakeneko maintain a cat form, but they are able to speak human language and wear human clothes. Some legends say that these cat- shaped bakeneko put towels   on their heads and dance on their hind legs.
Valkyrie- These are celestial ladies of Norse mythology who come to the battle field to select the best warriors who have been slain and bring them to Valhalla, the great hall of the upper world, great warriors who had died in battler were chosen by the Valkyrie to fight in the heavens as a form of training. after each fight their wounds would be regenerated by the Valkyrie and thus they fought endlessly to prepare for the final battle Ragnarok. The Valkyrie were great warriors themselves and had the ability to regenerate.

My initial Idea was to take one of these and bring it to life in 3D as a character, but from my tutorial I've figured that instead of just making the exact same thing in 3D but to change it and give it a twist, for example incorporating the character into a Video game by doing that it would help me pick a genre and give me a style to work towards.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Adaptation Part A

 I decided to go with the 10 Steps to becoming a Cat I two rough ideas on either to have it going through the steps as the cat training the owner or what it takes for the owner to become a cat person, I'm leaning towards version 02 more where you;re going through the steps as the owner. 
Still rough ideas on they type of things i'll be putting into the steps and not sure on the order i'll be putting each step in, any kind of feedback would be appreciated.

Below are some inspirations of style and design that I plan to do for the Video info-graphic.