Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Life Drawing (29/01/2013)

A two hour pose I wanted to spend most my time trying to get the proportions accurate and the water paint was just an extra thing to make it looks less boring.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Unit 3: Influence Maps

Just doing some influence maps. I don't have my script fully complete yet but I have a rough idea of how things will look now
 It's proven difficult to find a fantasy type vacuum cleaner... I guess this is just where my imagination will start to do the rest if the work.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Just a doodle

Gone home for the weekend and decided to just do a little digital painting until I started to get fed up roughly around an hour and a half on and off

Monday, 21 January 2013

Film Review: Rope 1948

Unit 3: Idea

Another quick rough idea but this one is more fantasy based. sorry about grammar was done quickly.

In a great land of fantasy with orange skies almost like it’s set a flame filled with dragons flying around a lone light house set on the mountain rocks, inside is a magician, the guardian of the dragons hatched whelps (baby dragons) and eggs making sure they’re protected while the dragons go out hunting for food, no matter how far the dragons travel they can always find their way back home to the light house with its intense light working as a beacon. 
While the dragons are out hunting for food the magician is practicing his spells as the whelps fly around the tower playing together. The magician is mixing vials in his cauldron when one of the whelps accidentally knocked a vial into the cauldron causing an explosion of colour, once the colourful smoke starts to fade, the magician finds the whelps transformed into flying hand held vacuum cleaners and the eggs into dust balls the size of a man’s head.
With no time to lose the magician has to figure out a way to turn them back as he can hear the roars of the dragons returning home from their hunt otherwise he will be the meal instead. Mixing a bunch of vials together to create the antidote another explosion of colour happens when it fades he finds everything is back to normal just as the dragons return back to the light house. The magician leaves the house to welcome the dragons back home like nothing has happened, as all the whelps follow behind him to greet their parents.

I wasn't quite sure if to leave it with a happy ending so that it's intense like a time bomb during the middle or have one of the whelps come flying out showing that he had missed one and the dragon would then send the magician flying of the mountain or get eaten?

Another possible idea is the explosion from the dropped vial could have made a crazy mess which the magician would needed to clean up the entire light house and all the dirt that's on the whelps and eggs before the dragons get back?

Maya: Pitch Shot

Maya: Rolling Shot (180, 360, 540)

Maya: Panning Shot

Maya: Secondary Action & Overlap: Hanging Chain

Maya: Settle & Rest: Pendulum

Unit 3: Idea

I've been having a bad two weeks and I'm disappointed in myself for not really doing anything so I better get to work and start posting down ideas otherwise I'm going to get behind even more which is something I don't want. I'm not too sure how I want to end this or if there's a possible way, I may have to sort the story out more and see if there's another way to tell it.
Premise: If you leave stuff about someone or something is going to get hurt
A Magician well-known for his illusions and the amount of mess he makes on stage with his flying card tricks, flowers, disappearing acts and pulling animals out of his hats. The magician is quite a slob and lazy when it comes to cleaning after his shows as he thinks he is better than that and feels it shouldn't be his job to do it but it’s something that must be done.
He has one trick up his sleeve (in the back of his van) one that is never shown on stage or to the public and that’s the vacuum he uses to clean his mess, just an average sized vacuum but with a very special bag one that seems to never get full not even the magician knows how it fully works but he’s just glad it gets the job done. (While cleaning the camera will follow through the tubes of the hover to the bag which will then lead you to where all the magicians crap goes) the vacuum bag seems to be some kind of portal to another dimension.
Once traveled through the portal you’re then brought to a storm of cards and other used tricks that are no longer needed falling from the sky into the ocean which created a great barrier reef mixed with previous rubbish that the magician has cleaned from other shows. A light house close to the reef with the guardian inside always keeping an eye out for any creatures trapped in the great reef of tricks.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Life Drawing (15/01/2013)

(2-5 minutes poses)
 (30 minute pose. mood: stern)
 (20 minute pose. mood: shy/upset)
 (20 minute pose. mood: powerful)

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Unit 3: Story Ideas

I'm still struggling a little with thinking up ideas or developing ones that I have so I'm posting a few bullet pointed ideas to show what I have so far, Feed back would be appreciated:
  • The magician had been banished from his kind to live in isolation in a lighthouse with his only form of company are the objects he brings to life like the vacuum cleaner.
  • The lighthouse is a place where the magician performs his secret shows for VIP guests. using magic the inside of the lighthouse is a massive theatre (kind of like the Tardis). he was planning to show off a new trick involving a Vacuum cleaner which results in many mistakes.
  • a private maid who works for a magician to keep his home (Lighthouse) clean. when not around the maid looks at spells and learns a few tricks you could say she is a maid-gician in training and starts getting lazy and uses a spell to bring her vacuum to life to clean on its own which goes out of control.
  • The magician lives in the light house that's still used to secure boats to land but his Vacuum cleaner has special qualities it doesn't just clean but can take colour and light from things which results in danger as the boats start to crash (like a time bomb moment) he has to figure out his mistakes and give light back to the light house for the boats to be safe.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Unit 3: 30 Second 'Like-For-Like'

Used a 30 second clip from Paranorman which seem to have a lot of action and fast paced motion Its quite fun to do this if I get around to it or feel I need to get more of an understanding on it I will do some more

Animation (09/01/2013)

Spending a few minutes on each pose we had to try and capture the mood of the character.

 The last few sketches were multiple poses which made a movement to help practice in animating and getting the anticipation of the pose correct.

Unit 3 - From Script to Screen Intro and Initial Ideas

On Monday I had my briefing with the Phil on the classes new project so as usually I put my hand into the frightening yet exciting box (although this time it was three brown bags) to see what environment, character and prop I would be using for my animation which were:

Environment: Lighthouse
Character: Magician
Prop: Vacuum Cleaner  

I'm excited for what I've picked as I don’t have any sense of disappointment with what I picked but I seem to be struggling with generating ideas, so I've started doing a little research on each word to find something out about them and to look for a possible hidden meaning:

Lighthouse: After looking into lighthouses I found that there is a lot of symbolism behind them such as: danger, risk, adversity, challenge and vigilance. But it also offers guidance, salvation and safety. They can also symbolize the way forward and help in navigating our way through rough waters whether those waters be financial, personal, business or spiritual in nature.

Magician: I couldn't find a hidden meaning behind a Magician but I Googled the word to get its definition, the word had quite a few meanings such as: A sorcerer/ Wizard, One who uses magic for entertainment or diversion, it's also another term for conjuror and someone who practices magic.

Vacuum Cleaner: The same goes for a vacuum cleaner it doesn’t seem to have any hidden meaning and the definition was just an electrical appliance that cleans surfaces by suction.

This seems to help me a lot now that I have a better understanding of what each word means I can start to think more and get ideas for my script as I always find that part difficult and feel I'm falling behind already.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Life Drawing (08/01/2013)

(2 minute poses)
 I had to try and capture the characters emotion in the last three poses
(Nervous 25 minute pose)
 (Sorrow 20 minute pose)
 (Sorrow 15 minute pose)