Monday, 21 January 2013

Unit 3: Idea

Another quick rough idea but this one is more fantasy based. sorry about grammar was done quickly.

In a great land of fantasy with orange skies almost like it’s set a flame filled with dragons flying around a lone light house set on the mountain rocks, inside is a magician, the guardian of the dragons hatched whelps (baby dragons) and eggs making sure they’re protected while the dragons go out hunting for food, no matter how far the dragons travel they can always find their way back home to the light house with its intense light working as a beacon. 
While the dragons are out hunting for food the magician is practicing his spells as the whelps fly around the tower playing together. The magician is mixing vials in his cauldron when one of the whelps accidentally knocked a vial into the cauldron causing an explosion of colour, once the colourful smoke starts to fade, the magician finds the whelps transformed into flying hand held vacuum cleaners and the eggs into dust balls the size of a man’s head.
With no time to lose the magician has to figure out a way to turn them back as he can hear the roars of the dragons returning home from their hunt otherwise he will be the meal instead. Mixing a bunch of vials together to create the antidote another explosion of colour happens when it fades he finds everything is back to normal just as the dragons return back to the light house. The magician leaves the house to welcome the dragons back home like nothing has happened, as all the whelps follow behind him to greet their parents.

I wasn't quite sure if to leave it with a happy ending so that it's intense like a time bomb during the middle or have one of the whelps come flying out showing that he had missed one and the dragon would then send the magician flying of the mountain or get eaten?

Another possible idea is the explosion from the dropped vial could have made a crazy mess which the magician would needed to clean up the entire light house and all the dirt that's on the whelps and eggs before the dragons get back?


  1. I think maybe if you can condense the story a bit and structure it a bit more, (I know it's just an idea.. for now ;D) then you can probably think of adding in some extra things to sections of the script to increase the tension.
    For example, the section where the magician is trying to make the antidote, you can have a series of things happening, like vials breaking or dropping them and transforming other objects around him etc, to help the pressure mount on the magician or something like that :)

    1. Yeah I was thinking that but I just wanted to get the idea down but that sounds like a good idea