Monday, 21 January 2013

Unit 3: Idea

I've been having a bad two weeks and I'm disappointed in myself for not really doing anything so I better get to work and start posting down ideas otherwise I'm going to get behind even more which is something I don't want. I'm not too sure how I want to end this or if there's a possible way, I may have to sort the story out more and see if there's another way to tell it.
Premise: If you leave stuff about someone or something is going to get hurt
A Magician well-known for his illusions and the amount of mess he makes on stage with his flying card tricks, flowers, disappearing acts and pulling animals out of his hats. The magician is quite a slob and lazy when it comes to cleaning after his shows as he thinks he is better than that and feels it shouldn't be his job to do it but it’s something that must be done.
He has one trick up his sleeve (in the back of his van) one that is never shown on stage or to the public and that’s the vacuum he uses to clean his mess, just an average sized vacuum but with a very special bag one that seems to never get full not even the magician knows how it fully works but he’s just glad it gets the job done. (While cleaning the camera will follow through the tubes of the hover to the bag which will then lead you to where all the magicians crap goes) the vacuum bag seems to be some kind of portal to another dimension.
Once traveled through the portal you’re then brought to a storm of cards and other used tricks that are no longer needed falling from the sky into the ocean which created a great barrier reef mixed with previous rubbish that the magician has cleaned from other shows. A light house close to the reef with the guardian inside always keeping an eye out for any creatures trapped in the great reef of tricks.

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  1. Hey George this is a GREAT idea. I love the idea of another dimension having to deal with the deluge of magician rubbish. I wonder just who might be in the lighthouse. Or is that person going to remain a mystery... :O or is it going to be he magicians alter ego... Either way this is a cool idea!