Thursday, 25 September 2014

Minor Project Proposal

For my final year project I would like to design Characters being an adventurer and a creature as well as an environment of the world for a a fantasy based RPG game.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Project Ideas

Hey, I hope everybody had a great summer break, Looking forward to seeing you all soon as well as the new first years! The blog has been a bit quiet over the summer, sorry about that but I made sure to stay productive with doodling in the sketchbook and going life drawing every week.
Over summer I had a few thoughts about what I wanted to do for my project I know that I would like to do something character design based like my project from Adaptation but this time go down the gaming route.

Ideas #1:
For my first idea I've always wanted to go in the direction of a fantasy based RPG (role playing game), I had this idea of a world of that has lost its colour, due to temples losing their power source/light, the temples required people with magical instruments to play for them regularly to keep the world at balance and peace. Results in a Bard having to travel around the world fighting off evil to get to the temples and play inside to bring the colours back to the world . 
For this project I would like to design the character and enemies the bard is required to fight.
In terms of style/inspiration I was looking at the game Transistor a recently released indie game that is visually stunning and great to look at, the angle of the game is in 2.5D which is something I'd like to take into consideration to my project. 

Idea #2:
This idea again I want to go down in the video game route still in the style of an RPG but this one is about getting through anxiety and fighting your insecurities to help the characters get over them and in the end defeat Anxiety itself. The insecurities become creatures/monsters in the mind of the character which they need to fight and beat to get through to the next one. For style I was inspired by the game Bravely Default, as the design and art of the characters/ creatures have form but are shrunk into a cute/chibi kind of style. which is what I'd like to do in terms of creating the creatures and character for the project.

Another piece that inspired me was a animation short called distance of a shy girl that has to overcome her fears to get the thing she wants, but as she does it the people in her school take on weird forms of creatures, which is what I'd like the insecurities to do.