Sunday, 9 September 2012

Summer Project: Silhouettes

Created more silhouettes which I'm finding very useful I'm coming up with concepts that I would never have thought up before it just lets your imagination run wild and thinks up multiple ideas of what will feel these black images. I can't wait to finish these tomorrow so I can start to pick my most Favorited three and start the final drawings.


  1. Hey George, Glad to see you're getting there with the number count.
    I really like 5, and 36.
    I had a thought - you should post up your life drawing work from your extra sessions. Anything creative is a + in my opinion :)

    1. Hey Nat thanks for the comment. Once my scanner stops playing up and I can actually get it to scan things I will post them as soon as possible.

  2. Hey George - wow, your posts must have passed me by - a flurry! And a very nice set of silhouettes here; you're using those shapes very creatively, and you've got an interesting 'cute' factor going on in a lot of them. I love this project for just that reason - same shapes + different people = maximum variation. There's something pulp sci-fi about some your shapes here - like number 15 - very 50s - and I like the strange pig/sheep creature of no 7 - onwards! :)