Thursday, 6 September 2012

Summer Project: Initial Concept Ideas

These concepts are the start of my Summer project, I had started this way by printing off the objects that were given to me so that I could starting thinking of different life forms, structures and machines by taking different components from each object and merging them with others.

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  1. Hey George,
    Congrats on your first post.
    As you already know - message me if you need anything. One major tip is to number every little sketch to make it easier for people to describe which sketch they are talking about in the comments.
    Another little tip - present professionally, for example, these are cropped nice, also try to correct the levels of your photos so they're not orange looking, try to get them as crisp as you can, usually an auto colour correct sorts that in a millisecond.
    But it's great to see you posting so keep it up :)