Saturday, 3 November 2012

unit 2: Research

Research Sumatran


  1. Hello George,

    I see that you've put a few Super heroes down... so are you basing your character on those specific Heroes? I was expecting to see Superman and others, so was curious. :D

    1. Well, my hero is From Sumatra so it's pretty much filled with wildlife and animals so I wanted him so have a feral kind of aspect to him like the Sumatran Tiger which is why I have these type of super heroes because they have some kind of link to animals.

    2. Oh, that's cool! Be a good environment to do, too!
      Have you checked this site out?

      It's got a load of Superheroes that many haven't heard of, but it still helps. :)

    3. HA Yeah I used this site to find the ones I've used, thank you though! :)