Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Unit 2: Thumbnails

I worked on the anatomy of lions heads to get an idea of what they're like to draw and I really enjoyed it by using different mediums and ways to draw the tiger (thumbnails 1-5)
 I then started drawing my hero prop trying different ways to the mouth could work around the head to fit like a helmet (7-9). Thumbnail 10 I started to work on my environment I know its the interior we mainly want but i was getting a rough idea of shapes and sizes of the exterior to know what the interior will be like but I will need to do a lot more drawings of certain objects that I know I want in my set first.


  1. some great drawings here george, i really like the idea of a tiger-head-helmet :)

  2. I agree! I didn't except a tigers head, thats a fab idea! Really good drawing too! It'd be cool to experiment with the colours of the tiger too... rather than just orange, try opposites of the scale? :D

    Nice one!

  3. really liking thumbnail 10, the idea of a almost-town in the trees is awesome!