Thursday, 15 November 2012

Unit 2: Thumbnails

Did some more Thumbnails but I'm still not too sure if I like how they look.

I've decided I'm going to revisit this thumbnail and make a few changes:


  1. I still think that if you worked some more on the second one it could work really well!
    Third one although is pretty cool, the most interesting (I still don't understand why I haven't seen it before. derp, haha :I)

  2. Are you going to be making the bamboo more prominent?
    I thought it was going to be the main feature in the room... in the thumbnails the bamboo looks too blended in.
    I do like the first one - very nice. :D

    1. the floor is made of bamboo and pretty much everything is made from it most of the architecture its just its drawn and probably isn't detailed enough I'm sure photoshop will give a better example

    2. I think the 3rd thumbnail works the best. The mask is the first thing to catch your attention and it really sets the scene for the lair. But I'd say that the rest of the room looks pretty small, the mask works as your banana in the thumbnail, you use it for scale. If you keep the mask the same, perhaps make the other features in the room larger, and like we're looking up to it more. Hope this makes sense. I also had to type this comment out twice, so you better take heed! Just kidding. But with the current scale suggested, the bed looks to small to be a bed, and more a weird sculpture. but the angle in this thumbnail is really really working and is pretty exciting

    3. Woops didn't mean to reply to your comment Vikki. Excuse me! :D

    4. :D It's ok Lucy.
      I'm Vicky not Vikki - so confusing.
      I prefer the other spelling - lmao!