Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Unit 2: Objects for Lair

I feel things are starting to come along well!
I need to figure out a way to cut out an entrance for this bamboo type room like some sort of archway (help would be appreciated)
 The stand for my mask I didn't really go into much detail on the shape for the head as it will be covered by the mask.
 the training equipment for my super hero


  1. The Wing Chun dummy is pretty awesome :D and your bamboo 'cage' is nice, the small details give it a nice appearance :) If you want to cut an entrance in one of the bamboo's sections, try using this process as it might create the result you want;

    Create a cylinder and reshape/resize/rescale it until you have the shape you want the entrance to be

    Select the surface or shape you want the hole cut into (might be best to group the objects first) then shift select the cylinder

    Once selected, go to 'Mesh', 'Booleans', then select difference and it should cut a hole through the objects you selected :)

    Hopefully this works!