Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Unit 2: Thumbnails

Some Thumbnails I did tonight to try and figure out angles I was trying to get closer and it seemed to of taken me a while sometimes I even drew the same thumbnail by accident, figuring out perspective can be difficult, annoying and very difficult I'll just have to practice more! I seem to be more attracted to five and six based on angles as it fits a decent amount of objects in and keeps the hero prop in perfect view. (Painting all this bamboo is going to kill me but I'll take the challenge)


  1. number 5 is getting nice and dynamic because you're using that lovely curve to draw our eye in and around the space - absolutely make the most of your curvature as a means of creating excitement and flow in your image.

  2. I like the positioning of the giant tiger-head-waterfall in 6, it kind of looks like its embedded into the rock? its almost like it could be watching over your character in his lair...:)

  3. I really like number 6 as well. If your struggling with the perspective what I did when I was struggling with the perspective in my image is add the ceiling in as well it alters the scale a bit but if you get it right can be quite effective, not sure if it'll work with you but might be something to try :)