Saturday, 10 November 2012

Unit 2: Thumbnails

In Photoshop on Friday I work on some thumbnails for my Sumatran super heroes lair.

Thumbnails from my sketchbook:
Working on angle of camera the space is just empty as I'm lost for what to put in my set it quite annoying I think I may look at Silat training equipment and put them in my scene.

Although my main thought is that he will live in the tress i thought what would it be like inside the waterfall/cave.
At the moment I'm struggling with ideas of what to put into my room as stated before it looks empty, all I seem to be doing id drawing a hut in trees and then just sticking my prop somewhere it gives me a good idea of where it will go but then I get stuck thinking what will go around it.

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  1. hey george, some good ideas here. :) if you're a little stuck as to what to fill the room with , maybe look at different rock/tree formations, and turn them into structures e.g. cool looking tree branches holding up the hut from inside, maybe that could take up some space? i can picture him having ribbons/banners hanging up too maybe..
    hope that helps!