Monday, 29 October 2012

Unit 2: Influence maps

For my second project I'm to create an environment in Maya, My environment is the secret lair of the Sumatran Super Hero. Below are my influence maps I looked for stuff that my lair could be mixed with and architecture of the buildings in Sumatra and had a look at some lairs that could fit in with rain forests, volcanoes or swamps.  


  1. some cool images here, your character sounds like he might live in the treetops in a rainforest somewhere

    1. Yeah I from my research I found out that they have a lot of rainforests, swamps and volcanoes so there's chances he could be in one of those. As a bit of a back story I found out the Sumatran tigers, rhinos and orangutan are going extinct so his role as a super hero is to be the protector of the forest and save them from extinction :)