Thursday, 18 October 2012


Last night I did some quick thumbnails in my sketch book to work on perspective I don't think it went very well I need to practice with it some more. 

But today I did some more Photo Shop thumbnails. I feel the Blue Room came out quite successful as it's the one I've been stressing on the most since I couldn't get the perspective right but I had a few conversations with Phil and other students and got some tips which was really helpful. 


  1. It's looking better and better!
    Second photoshop thumbnail is really great! i love the lightning and the mood it's giving. First one is as haunted as it should be!

    However there's still something not right about the third one. Something's wrong with the windows? Or maybe it looks incorrect because you used vertical textures on the wall? A small thing that spoils the whole, really good, picture.

    Anyway, keep it up because it's looking better and better! : ))

    1. Thanks Sam yeah I will definitely need to work on it some more! to get it ready for my final piece :)

  2. Hey George - yep, there's something definitely 'off' about your perspective as applied to the elements - apart from the bed; personally, I'd suggest too that you don't get bogged down in the colour before you've established the perspective etc. (Also, I think you may need to look at some real world reference re. wood panelling and floorboards - the scale of the panels is too large and is effectively 'shrinking' the rest of that space - they look, in fact, too much like brick work. Things are improving with every new drawing, George, so take a deep breath and dig in again - (and get Photoshop Phil's ear tomorrow too!)