Monday, 15 October 2012


Did some more thumbnails in Photoshop. Still trying to work on perspective, the blue room still needs more work I feel I need to expand it more and then fill the room instead of trying to squeeze everything in but I'll have it figured out soon.


  1. Loving the styles of 3 & 4. The perspective in 3 works effectively as a thumbnails and the uneven shapes used in 4 create a nice atmosphere and an eerie mood :)

  2. Hey George :) Yes - you can really see thumbnails 3 & 4 beginning to cook, and I look forward to seeing you finesse them still further. I think the bird's eye view images need to be 'parked' and new compositions considered - for example, maybe looking down through the 'spokes' of the chandelier? I think you need more floor revealed? Try creating a realistic floor plan of your bedroom before you put the view into perspective, as there's something not particularly convincing about the layout and character of that furniture:

    some helpful examples?

    1. Yeah Thanks Phil They're very helpful images I'll draw a Floor plan tomorrow and post it asap and start working on the perspective more :)