Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Maya Tutorial: Motion Paths (19/10/2012)


  1. Hey George :)

    I thought this was the most immediate way of contacting you; one of the annual joys of University life (and being a course rep!) is the Annual Monitoring report that the course team put together - and one of the 'must haves' are reports generated by the course reps - following the guidelines below. I know it's a bit more work and you've got your hands full with a sumatran super-hero, but if you could each generate a brief report as per the outline below - and email it to me by Monday, I'd be very appreciative; rest assured, your report need only be short.

    This is the official bit:

    "The Student Representative(s) from the relevant year of the course should be asked to write a brief report on their experiences of the course so far. This should be no longer than one side of A4 paper, and can be in the form of a bulleted list. The student(s) who wrote the report may wish to state their name and year of course either at the beginning or end of the report, but this is optional."

    And this is your guidance:

    "This report is an opportunity for you to highlight the strengths of the course... It is also an opportunity for you to outline areas that you think could be improved..."

    As the guidance says, your list need only be bullet points etc.

    Thanks again, George - much appreciated :)

    1. No worries any time Phil :). Thanks for the info I'll get started on this asap and talk to my fellow class mates and Katy and see what feedback I can get