Monday, 22 October 2012

Final Concept: Blue Room

Here is my final concept for my Blue Room.


  1. wow this looks really good George I really like it. well done :)

  2. This looks awesome, good job on the perspective as well! :)

  3. Hey George - I'm going to be a bit picky - take another look at your door; it looks very contemporary and minimal to be a truly victorian door, and I'm not even sure what material it's made from? It looks like a granite or marble finish, but more logically it would be a bit more like:

    Just a a bit more attention to period detail will really polish this final piece - also, don't you think there'd be some additional light spill on the carpet below the windows? Just saying... :)

  4. oh wow! Such a huge progress! I really like it! Think about the wood panels behind the bed. There is a part which still seems to be odd, but the rest I like! I am proud of you! You really did great : )

    1. ok I'll give this all a go tomorrow morning :D