Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Life Drawing

On the 9/1/2012 I had my third life drawing lesson at university, I started of with four fast sketches lasting at least two minutes each using charcoal. I then had a ten minute pose which I used pen for and then the last pose lasted up to forty-five minutes which I had to cover my whole canvas in Charcoal and then by using an eraser I would rub out the lines to get the figure and used more charcoal in case I needed to darken parts of the body which I found using this technique to be fun and different from normal things I do.


  1. Very expressive and elegent! I love the minimalism of the second image. It reminds me a lot of fashion illustrations or a sketchy version of a piece of work by the Art Deco illustrator Erte.

  2. I really like the style of the line in the bottom left ( quick poses), very confident lines

  3. Just look at that, George - great feedback - you know, if it might help you get a more expressive quality, why not use charcoal in the production of some of those Hill House thumbnails - there's nothing in the brief that says you can't mix your media or combine trad techniques with graphic tablet magic...

    1. Yeah the feed back is very helpful and the charcoal could help me get the essence of darkness in some parts of the environment to make it more creepy I'll have to give it a go :)