Monday, 11 February 2013

Unit 3: Lumens Lighthouse Silhouettes

To get more of an interesting structure for Lumen's lighthouse, as he is the bringer of light I silhouetted different types of lights and lamps, where I then mixed mixed them together to create more fantasy looking structures.


  1. Number 1 and Number 8!

    I like the kind of 'annex' that is on the side of your first design. The two structures attached feels as if the smaller is more of a personal space for your character, and the tower has the functions of the lighthouse.

    Perhaps placing silhouette 8 on top of the bottom half of silhouette 1 could provide for an interesting combination? :)

    1. mmm yeah that does look interesting looking at it now i will have to try it out

  2. nice - and yes, I really like the detail of silhouette 8 and jake's right about the annexe - time to splice!