Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Unit 3: Caligo Nox's face

Just starting to get some character faces down for Caligo Nox I still need to do Lumen. I like the look of number one although I want to tweak the shape of his face a bit.
....number 3, I don't think it should have even been created but once I had started I just had to finish it no matter how ugly, I just don't think it suits a child story


  1. If Caligo Nox is a villain they definitely number 1! If he's a good guy then number 2 (though I like number two more in general : D)

    I also like the way of presenting! It makes the project more interesting!
    Next time maybe try different colours for the sketches, filling them with with different shades, etc. it could give even better effects! : D

    Anyways - great to see character designs from you! Can't wait to see more : ))

    1. Yeah Nox is the villain which is why I preferred number 1. which gave me the thought I could try use two for Lumen but I'm still not sure if I want Lumen to be old or not as most magicians are and I want it to be different.

  2. yep - number 1 is your guy; you know he reminds a bit of this guy...

    And yes - number 2 does feel softer, wiser, more on the side of the angels; let's see lots more expression sheets and thumbnails etc. developing these guys... (also, it just seems that Nox should be short and fat and Lumen should be tall and thin) - how about getting some silhouettes up here really playing the binary opposites game of goodies vs baddies... Onwards!