Thursday, 9 May 2013

@Alan: Maya Tutorials Spot Check.

Intro to Autodesk Maya
Character Part 1: Modelling
Texturing Part 1: Common Shaders
Character Part 2: Textures
Texturing Part 2: UV Maps
Lighting & Rendering Part 1: Light & Shadow
Character Part 3: Lighting & Rendering
Animation Part 1: Using Rigs
Animation Part 2: Using Motion Paths
Animation Part 3: Using MEL
Modelling 1: Digital Sets
Modelling 1: Digital Sets
Lighting & Rendering 1: Intro to Lighting
Pre-Viz 1: Intro to Pre-Visualisation
Camera Control Part 1: Creating a Camera Rig
Camera Control Part 2: Pan Shot
Camera Control Part 2: Roll Shot
Camera Control Part 2: Pitch Shot
Camera Control Part 3: Crane Shot
Camera Control Part 3: Dolly Shot
Camera Control Part 3: Distance Shot
Camera Control Part 4: Focal Length
Camera Control Part 4: Coverage
Camera Control Part 4: Camera Shake
Animation 1: Intro to Character Animation
The Bouncing Ball Part 1: On The Spot
The Bouncing Ball Part 2: With Travel & Rotation
Settle & Rest: Pendulum
Secondary Action & Overlap: Hanging Chain
Squash & Stretch: Jumping
Anticipation & Follow-Through: Can Snatch
Walk Cycles Part 1: Rig
Walk Cycles Part 1: Mechanics
Rigging 1: Intro to Rigging & Constraints

Biped Rigging Part 1: Feet & Legs

Texturing 1: Intro to Texturing

Maya: Ulitlities & Shading Networks: Sampler Info Node (Double Sided Shader)

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