Thursday, 7 March 2013

unit 4: OGR


  1. I really like the coherence of your presentation : D

  2. OGR 07/03/2013

    Hey George,

    Okay - this concept is looking strong to me and I think you should now move very quickly towards making a 'thumbnail' animatic - i.e. committing the info and its staging and your visual concept into something filmic and 'spatial' and time-based. This first animatic you should seek to create quickly, without worrying too much about colour etc - just get the mechanics of your info onto a timeline plus somekind of sfx. Essentially, you're combining the storyboarding phase with the animatic phase; you're still working it out with time to rejig, but it would be great to be looking at your first animatic sooner rather than later - before you commit to a more polished iteration for the crit.

    In terms of colour design, I want you to work with the colour scheme designer if you're not doing so already, as this will ensure you're working boldly but also coherently; just follow the instructions contained within the blog post.

    Finally, there's still a bit of inconsistency in your thumbnails re. style - some is very '8-bit' some is more organic; it would be good to see a decision made re. the rules and limitations of world - for example, there seems to be some indecision in regard to side-scrolling or something more '3d' - personally, I don't see why you shouldn't explore a perspectival 8-bit world as suggested by your first thumbnails, but anyway, you should seek to resolve the rules of your world.

    Good stuff, George. Onwards - try and get an animatic v1 on here by Tuesday - work quickly, so you can swap scenes about, junk stuff and respond to feedback without being too precious. Looking forward to it :)