Saturday, 2 March 2013

Unit 4: Initial Ideas

For my animation I'm going to do the life cycle of a Prokaryotic Cell. Since the target audience is Key stage 4+ I've been looking into 8/16 bit art, as I want my animations art and style to be similar even in 3D, I also feel it will connect to the Audience and will be quite nostalgic, since in the 90's there were consoles such as the Sega and Gameboys that used pixels for their games. 
A 3D movie named 'Wreck it Ralph' by Disney Pixar was recently released, which had classic games made 3D even though most of it was smooth there were still parts that used pixels, for example when Ralph smashes the cake the icing goes everywhere but you can see how it looks like square pixels all over the walls. 
Other examples that use pixels in 3D:
Even now people use pixels in their 2D art work here are a few examples I found:

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  1. Using a pixel art style sounds really good, i can imagine exploring the cells and inner world in a minecraft fashion!