Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Adaptation - Idea, Research and Influences

For my main project of Adaptation I intend to take a Coat of Arms and personify it into a character, Through research I found what certain parts on a coat of arms symbolize which I will use to help me personify the coat of arms and design the character.
Looking through book on heraldry I found parts that could be quite useful helping me know what time the coat of arms was created and the origin of its creation, there was also a part on colours that are used in a coat of arms, which can help towards picking out a colour palette. 

I intend for the design of my character to be less on the serious side and more humorous, Which lead to me finding inspiration from the artist David Colman who takes animal and exaggerates them creating unique fun looking characters, as well as that in some characters he incorporates designs into their fur/ body to make it look like clothing which gave me the idea to take parts from the coat of arms to incorporate it onto the character.

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